This is a list of many characters in the Puyo Puyo series.

Compile-era characters

Names in the English 1992 Puyo Puyo game are indicated in parentheses unless stated otherwise.

Arle Nadja (Silvana) - The main protagonist to the series; she loves Carbuncle/Kaa-kun (her pet) more than anything. She is also a sorceress, and can manipulate fire, ice, and lightning among other things. During chains, she can be heard yelling, "Fire!" and "Ice Storm!" in a Japanese accent.

Carbuncle - Arle's beloved pet, one Satan tries to steal away from her. A fun-loving, curry-eating, dragon-type creature that turns out to be one of the strongest players of Puyo later in the series. He is more of a helper in Puyo Puyo. He is called Has-Bean in Mean Bean Machine.

Skeleton-T (Skeleton) - A skeleton that takes a liking to herbal tea (He sometimes calls it a potion which will make him virtually invincible.) His skills are among the weakest, and is usually one of the first opponents that you face.

Nasu Grave (Blue Ghost) - An eggplant who wears square glasses. He mainly bounces up and down, as his stubby legs cannot run that fast.

Incubus - A narcissistic demon who thinks himself as a ladies' man, yet fails to seduce Arle.

Mummy - An Egyptian mummy who seems to be over-wrapped in bandages.

Draco Centauros (Dragon Woman) - A female human-dragon hybrid who wishes to be the greatest rival to Arle, not just in Puyo Puyo. She, like a dragon, possesses the ability to breathe fire (shown in Puyo Puyo Sun). She has quite a fiery temper, and aggressively challenges other girls to beauty contests.

Suketoudara (Goby Captain) - A large fish with muscular arms and legs. He is very proud of these and tries to use them in any way he can. For some reason, whenever he's around, nearby people begin to crave fish.

Sukiyapodes (Small Foot) - A sciapod (one legged monster) who looks quite young and/or baby-faced.

Nohoho - An anthropomorphic frog who smuggles and enjoys curry, yet ironically has an allergy to it.

Harpy (Dark elf) - An winged humanoid who sings enchanting songs (mostly out of tune, and very high-pitched.)

Serilly (formerly Seriri) - A timid mermaid who has a nervous disposition, stemming from belief in a legend that states that eating the flesh of a mermaid will grant one immortality.

Sasoriman (Scorpion Man) - A guard dressed like a scorpion.

Panotty (Johnny) - An elf who plays panpipes and flutes. He likes to see people dancing to his music (or wants to.), and has a fiery temper when his performances are not appreciated.

Archan - A trickster elf who likes to catch people in traps.

Zombie - A zombie which looks like it was put together with spare parts.

Witch - A witch dressed from head to toe in blue. She also gets random giggles or laughing fits at random moments, and is obsessed in potion-making.

Kikimora - A maid who is obsessed with cleanliness.

Lagnus the Brave - A teenage warrior with a curse that causes him to revert into a 10-year-old boy.

Chico - A young girl who comes from a lineage of guardians that watch over a forgotten sanctuary. She owns a dragon as a pet.

Zoh Daimaoh (Elephant Lord) - An Indian elephant with a mighty strength. He's provoked easily, as if insulted.

Kodomo Dragon - A strange tribal boy with a fire-breathing lizard.

Honey Bee - A bee girl who loves to sting.

Schezo Wegey (Devious) - A swordsman who longs for Arle's magic powers (or perhaps something else?). He also shares his thoughts with Arle into foiling the Dark Prince's plans.

Minotauros (Max Minotaur) - Rulue's bodyguard and a bull with a scar over one eye.

Rulue (Lulu) - A girl with magic powers, like Arle, and has a liking to Satan, and will do pretty much anything he says. She is also a skilled martial artist, although her magic skills are not very good.

Satan (Dark Prince as well in Sega's official English release) - The main antagonist of the Puyo Puyo series. He, like Draco, has dragon horns and cape wings. He also takes a liking to Arle and Carbuncle, but mostly Carbuncle. He is known as "Dark Prince" outside of Japan for obvious reasons.

Doppelganger Arle - A separate entity to Arle.

Sonic Team-era characters


Amitie - A happy, ditzy girl who wants to be a "wonderfully clever magic user.". She is the first of the three main characters and was the protagonist in the RunRun (easy) and WakuWaku (medium) courses of the original Puyo Pop Fever. Amitie makes a cameo in one of Sega's "Project Ringo" teasers. Her birthday is May 5th, Cinco de Mayo.

Raffina - A so-called rival of Amitie's and the second-main character. She was the heroine of the HaraHara (hard) course in Puyo Pop Fever. She faces a few of the same characters as before in her original quest. She is known for being egotistical, and may swear on rare occasions. She is depicted as a cheerleader in various fan drawings. Her birthday is July 25th. She is Rulue's best friend.

Sig - Sig is a spacey boy. His left eye is red and his left hand is a large red claw. He is derived from the non-evil parts of a demon. He's the third and last of the main characters, and was newly introduced in this game. His magic derives from Blue Magic, and has a connection with insects, his attacks including Cyan, Paraiba, Robin's Egg, Celestial and Hydrangea. He is a well balanced character who is slightly weaker than Raffine outside of Fever. Sig is the joint strongest character in Fever along with Oshare Bones. His birthday is June 16th.

Ms. Accord - Ms. Accord is the teacher at the magic school, who still carries Popoi around with her. Accord still uses some music terms such as "allegro" and "presto" for her attacks, with some of her more powerful ones being new "-lance" (ランス ransu) suffixed attacks. Any graphics from the previous game involving musical notes have been replaced with Accord in front of a chalkboard. Her new "lance" moves mostly involve her throwing a piece of chalk or Popoi, keeping the silly, slightly episodic overtones of the Fever world. Though Popoi played a role in the original Puyo Pop Fever, the matter about him has largely been dropped, as he does not pose a threat nor is he even playable in this game. Accord's birthday is February 12th, while Popoi's is February 22nd.

Popoi - A cat usually seen with Accord.

Akuma - Akuma is a giant blue bear doll, whose head is a mask detached from his body. He often ends his sentences with kuma. His voice always seems to alternate between quiet and deep and shrill and shrieking, with no middle ground between the two. His name is a Japanese portmanteau, as aku means evil, and kuma means bear. His birthday is January 11th.

Baldanders - Baldanders is a monstorous dog, summoned accidentally by Feli. He is friendly throughout the game (although he doesn't like Lemres and doesn't want Feli to be with him). His drop set is the biggest in the game, consisting of 48 puyo, but he is also the weakest character in the game, both inside and outside of fever. His birthday is November 23rd.

Lemres - Lemres is a comet Warlock and a senior in his school. His attacks are very well balanced and his Japanese voice cast sounds similar to Schezo Wegey from the original Madou cast. As a character trait, Lemres never opens his eyes. His birthday is August 25th.

Dongurigaeru - The so-called lovable frog is back in action and still as daunting as ever, with more of an ambition to try his best to win. His birthday is March 31st.

Feli - Feli is a female student at a magic shchool bordering Primp Town. She is seen as a Gothic Lolita girl. Very strong, her most notable attack is "Chrono Creator", an attack that is used to alter the time and space around the field. She idolizes Lemres, and is deeply in love with him as well. Feli's birthday is November 13th.

Frankensteins - Frankendad was a lonely robot and Frankenson was created by him as a companion. Both Frankendad and Frankenson form a unique team, and are part of the partnership group, though they were together in Puyo Pop Fever. Frankendad's birthday is February 1st, while his son's is February 11th.

Gogotte - An elfish person who forces his soup upon people. His hat covers his eyes. He is commonly seen as female due to his clothing, but is voice acted male. His birthday is October 1st.

Hohow Bird - A pink, bespeckled know-it-all bird whose favorite words are "HouHou..." ("Mm-HMM!" in the English translations), and various attacks, eg "Mm-HMM/HoHo KICK!" and the powerful "Mm-HMM/HoHo BEAM!". Hohow Bird retains his humor and has been known to be as strong as he has been in the previous game. Hohow Bird's birthday is December 5th.

Klug - A know-it-all fellow student of Raffine, Sig and Amitie. He sees a threat in his magic studies and attempts to advance further. Outside of fever, Klug is just as powerful as he was in the prequel, and is the strongest character outside of fever. His birthday is September 29th. He is Sig's best friend.

Onion Pixie - An onion-headed oni (traditional Japanese beast) who speaks in gibberish and uses the word "on" excessively ("onion" in the English Puyo Pop Fever dub). He has been noted for crying as Oniko falls in love with Sig. Onion Pixy is one of the basic characters to fight in this game. His birthday is September 29th, the same as Klug's.

Oshare Bones (Dapper Bones in the official English release in Fever) - He's a skeleton obsessed much about his and other's attires and fashion. Still as classy as ever, he now runs the item shop. In this game however, Oshare Bones, along with Sig, are the strongest characters in Fever (as opposed to Prince of Ocean in the prequel), and with his piece set, allows a skilled player almost limitless regards to Fever Extension and excessive chainbuilding in Fever mode. His birthday is December 24th, Christmas Eve.

Ocean Prince - An anthropomorphic fish, who is the animal form of Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III. Ironically he's a slacker and a spoiled brat, hating to be in his castle and preforming prince duties, and is often escaping from his butler.

Lidelle (alternatively named as Rider) - A very shy girl. She is now brave enough to try to greet Raffine. Her classmates begin to understand her more, whilst Tarutaru decides to befriend her. Her birthday is January 17th.

Tarutaru - Tarutaru is one of the stronger, midway opponents. He is in love with Raffine, and asks about her at most encounters. He has also befriended Rider. His birthday is July 19th.

Yu & Rei - In the Puyo Pop Fever character description for Yu, it was said that Yu was trying to find her twin brother. When Raffine bumps into Yu, she starts to dance. Now, Yu does find her brother, Rei, who has blue hair that covers his eyes. The two of them form a Japanese quiz show; it is noted that Sig is the only one who clears all of their questions. They form one of the few unique partnerships in this game, and are quite effective in Fever mode. They share the birthday June 9th.

Oniko - Oniko is one of the three guest characters in Puyo Puyo Fever 2. She falls in love with Sig and makes Onion Pixy cry. She serves a cameo role in the storyline department. Her birthday is April 29th.

Otomo - Ocean Prince's butler, the second of the three guest cameo characters that informs you of things during the game. He seems to take a very strong liking to the Prince of Ocean as well as the Prince's alter-ego, Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III, as he is, of course, the Prince's "butler", so to speak. His birthday is April 17th.

Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III - Prince Salde Canarl Shellbrick III (sakana meaning fish in Japanese), is the last of the three guest cameo characters. He is the humanoid alter-ego of The Prince of Ocean, and guides Sig through his final course. He is also the prince located at the end of Raffine's second course. His appearance can be seen as feminine. His birthday is March 5th, coincidentally the same as Prince of Ocean's (as both are the same character).

Strange Klug - Mysteriously, Klug was possessed by the demon, the Tome of Evil, then sealed inside the book and released by the power of the "Moon Stone", replacing Klug's soul into the book. Strange Klug serves as the primary antagonist of this game. His birthday is September 29th.

Puyo Puyo 7

Ringo Ando - A schoolgirl who resides in the town of Suzuran and her home is located in Ando Family Fresh Produce, a family business at the town's shopping district.

Maguro Sasaki - The geeky son of a fishmonger, he is Ringo's childhood friend. His trademark item is a kendama, a Japanese toy similar to a yo-yo.

Risukuma - An anthropomorphic bear-squirrel hybrid who is obsessed with science. He is also Ringo and Maguro's classmate.

Ecolo - A mysterious dark entity known as a "space-time traveler" and can traverse dimensions to their liking

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Tee - The captain of Starship Tetra. He is based on the T-shaped Tetromino.

O - Tee's partner, who is the Tetris counterpart of Carbuncle. He is based on the square or O-shaped Tetromino.

Ess - The innocent yet bratty crew member of Starship Tetra. She is based on the S-shaped Tetromino.

Jay & Elle - The prankster crew members of Starship Tetra. They are based on the J and L-shaped Tetrominoes.

Ai - An anthropomorphic dog who serves as the chief engineer on Starship Tetra. He is based on the I-shaped Tetromino.

Zed - A robot who is Ess' caretaker. He is based on the Z-shaped Tetromino.

Ex - The Guardian of Time and Space, and the former King of Tetris, and is also Ess' biological father. He is the only character not to be based on a Tetromino.

Puyo Puyo Chronicle

Ally - A girl from another world not from Primp Town or Pwurp Island. She is obsessed with love and other people's passion for things.

Rafisol - An entity born from Ally's pendant.

Puyo Puyo eSports/Champions







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