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Arle Nadja is the main protagonist of the Puyo Puyo series and one of the major characters overall. She is depicted as a spellcasting warrior who roams the world in search of adventure with her friend Carbuncle. However, her success leads to rivalry with several others. Her birthday is July 22nd.

Her origins lie in the RPG Madou Monogatari, as well as other characters from the original series. In those games, she is as young as five and in kindergarten, but in the Puyo Puyo games, she is sixteen and not in school.

Starting with Puyo Pop Fever, Arle is no longer the protagonist, but rather a supporting character who warped to her new friend Amitie's universe as a result of a usual Puyo game. Amitie tries to return her by trying to play with Arle, which never works.

In Puyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary, Arle changes her mind about this, and decides to warp between universes.





Carbuncle is Arle's best friend and beloved pet. The pair are truly inseparable, although Carbuncle's tendency to wander may beg to differ. The two are often seen together, even acting as a duo rather than separate players in Puyo Puyo Tetris. Although Carbuncle only speaks by saying "gu", Arle is still able to understand him (much to the amazement of onlookers).

Draco Centauros

Draco Centauros is another of Arle's rivals, though this is mostly for competitive reasons such as beauty contests. Arle expects to be challenged in a beauty contest by Draco so much that she sarcastically shows concern when she was denied a beauty contest in Minna de Puyo Puyo and switches roles with Draco by being vain in Puyo Puyo Tsu.




Maguro Sasaki

Possessed Klug



Ringo Ando



Rulue considers herself to be Arle's rival. In spite of this rivalry, she accompanies her to Arle's magic school so she may learn how to use magic in Madou Monogatari III. Generally speaking while Rulue sees Arle as a rival, Arle is on more neutral terms with Rulue. They are at least reasonable enough to rarely team up together for a similar goal.

Schezo Wegey

Her relationship with Schezo Wegey is rather ambiguous, as Schezo's poor choice of words allow for romantic subtext rather than directly telling her he wants her power. However, Schezo constantly corrects himself, and reaffirms that he does not have any interest in Arle herself, not to mention that Arle has never responded positively to his seemingly-romantic words. She is somewhat able to tolerate him accompanying her whenever they share the goal of foiling the Dark Prince's schemes. All-in-all, the two are on relatively good terms with each other.


Serilly is keen to be friends under Arle's advice as she recruits her while searching Carbuncle, and doesn't want to see her friends quarrelling or arguing.


Witch is a competitive rival who wants to have the strongest magic. She has gone so far as to try and land a cheap shot while Arle was distracted.


Arle is by far the only character to have been made playable in all game appearances.



  • It is stated throughout the series that Arle is very unhygienic and lacks proper manners. Additionally in Puyo Puyo Tetris she states Zed was being horrible to her and demanding strange things from her that made her uncomfortable, those demands being related to proper hygiene techniques.
  • Satan is in love with Arle. It is believed to be because Carbuncle is supposed to be a gift for his true love and since Carbuncle is always seen with Arle this is what led him to believe so. However another possibility is because Arle heavily resembles Lilith, Satan's Deceased wife.
  • Arle and Amitie both have very similar attacks that parallel one another and have the exact same move, Bayoen. It is unknown why.
  • Arle's English name was apparently "Silvana" at one point.[1] This was "reverted" by the time of the Puyo Pop games.

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